Business Success Thursday Volume 170! Marketing vs Sales What is the difference?

Here is another extract from our upcoming book, The Premier Way!…

I hope you enjoy this resource and receive some value for you and your business!

Today we are going to discuss the differences between Marketing and sales.

So, what is the difference?…

These 2 departments/functions of a business are very intertwined and must work together. 

In other words, you need to aim for the ‘perfect marriage’….

One does not really exist without the other.

The goal for the marketing department is to get your brand out of obscurity! To take your products and services from being the world’s best kept secret to being a household name/brand.

But before you become a household name, your goal is to become known and trusted first and foremost by your TCP. (target customer profile) In other words, your ideal customer.

As you will learn in marketing, you need to first determine your TCP (target customer profile) and then direct all your marketing and sales efforts and budget in this direction.

This saves you massive $$$ and wasted energy marketing to those who are not in the market for your products.

So the goal of marketing is to generate LEADS for the sales department. Eg like the bombers flying over the battlefield to prepare it/soften it up for the soldiers (sales team) to move in and close the deal!

As you will learn in our education style marketing module, the goal of the marketing team is to persuade, convince and build rapport and trust with every new lead and to drive them as far into the sales funnel as possible to make it as easy as possible for the sales team to complete the customer journey, close the deal and then repeat for a lifetime.

So marketing needs to not just attract new leads but to also ensure that your existing customers stay firmly in the sales funnel for life and become not just a customer for life but also a referrer for life!

This is achieved through regular e blasts, mail outs, retargeting ads, telesales campaigns, gifting, loyalty programs, etc etc. And the goal is to ALWAYS add tonnes of unexpected value for the customer at every point of contact! 

This is the way you create RAVING FANS for your business!

The goal is no longer to simply achieve a satisfied customer (because nowadays a satisfied customer will still shop around) but to turn every lead into a raving fan! An evangelist for your business!

This has always been and will always be the most cost effective and frictionless way to GROW your business!

Remember everybody knows somebody! Everybody is a potential source of valuable referrals! 

So once marketing has attracted the new lead and educated them and pulled them as far down the funnel as possible, then it is the sales teams job to follow up follow up follow up!!

It is their job to use intelligent questioning and probing to uncover any remaining doubts or reserves or objections the client may have and to close the deal. Ask for the order!

If we think about the old acronym AIDA: Attention, Interest, Desire, Action! Then ideally the marketing team takes the lead all the way to Action and this is where the sales team steps in!

In conclusion: The Marketing team attracts new leads and helps to keep existing customers on the hook.

The Sales team follows up those leads by phone, email, text etc until they close or lose the deal.

They also make regular follow up calls to the A’s and B’s by phone to ask for new quote opportunities and add more value for the customer.


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