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When you are building and looking for house bricks for sale, choose the quality of Premier Group

Bricks give a stylish finish to a property and can be used on their own or combined with weatherboard for contrast. As New Zealand’s leading brick supplier we can supply bricks across the country from Auckland, through Waikato to Christchurch and Dunedin.

Talk to us about the right designer house bricks for your project and finding paving stones and decorative landscaping stones to complement your property.

* Please note that we do not offer rumbled edges for our darker brick colours as the rumbling technique that we use may cause discolouration and slight defects to the face of the bricks.



Country Brick - 290W x 145H x 70D

We produce over  
 tonnes of this beautiful brick every year!

NZ's largest brick

unique style & size!

Mansion Brick - 542W x 270H x 70D

Great option for creating a 
stone block aesthetic


“Just wanted to personally thank you for the information and help with ordering our bricks. I received a sample so I could colour match and I’m so thrilled! It’s fabulous - I’m very happy. Thanks again. ”
Jenna Thomsen - Homeowner
“ You guys have by far the best quality bricks in NZ! They are straighter, truer & more colour consistent than all the rest out there! They are definitely the best bricks to lay & give the ultimate finish for the homeowner! ”
Johnny Ehrhorn - Bricklayer with over twenty years experience
“ The brick and the service are great, quick quote, shorter waiting period than the rest, delivery on time, overall is very good, will recommend to others!! ”
Mike - Builder