Build a retaining wall to add an architectural element to your landscape design

PLEASE NOTE: Maximum wall height is 1500mm without an engineer's design. Please consult your local council for regulations in your region.

Fine Walling For Beautiful Landscaping. Manufactured In New Zealand.

Retaining walls are an essential part of many landscaping projects. They provide structure and stability to sections as well as creating interest with a terraced look. Retaining walls are often built on boundaries or on a slope so it is important that they are well made.
Premier Group is New Zealand’s leading brick supplier and provides high-quality concrete retaining wall blocks that can be used to create straight and curved walls. Our retaining wall blocks come in a range of colours to complement your driveway or patio pavers and Schist stone.
If you are looking for garden wall ideas, check out our gallery page for inspiration.

How to install Garden Wall?

Building a retaining wall with blocks from Premier is easy with our instructions. Watch the DIY video or CLICK HERE to learn more about the installation.
Make sure you check local building regulations. If you are not 100% confident building a retaining, we recommend that you hire a professional. Call 0800 22 22 98 or CLICK HERE to find Premier Approved Installers in your region.