Motivational Monday Volume Volume 171! Enjoy more laughter in your life!

Here are some of the many benefits of laughing more:

  • Laughter causes you to gulp in large portions of air, so you are oxygenating your blood.
  • Laughter decreases stress hormones in the body, such as cortisol and adrenaline, thus helping to stave off illness.
  • Laughter strengthens the immune system.
  • When we laugh, our bodies release hormones and chemicals that have positive effects on our system. 
  • One of these chemicals is endorphins, the feel-good hormone.
  • One minute of laughing burns the same number of calories as 6 to 10 minutes on a treadmill.
  • Laughing raises your mood; joyfulness through laughter is the fastest way to create a positive state of mind.
  • Laughing is good for the heart and improves blood circulation.
  • Laughter can reduce pain and aid the healing process.
  • Laughter creates and strengthens human connections.
  • It feels good to laugh.

Are you ready to laugh more? 

Here are 2 ways to bring more laughter into your life.

1. Set the Intent to Laugh More. 

Make a resolution, or set the intent, of laughing heartily as often as you can. 

Setting a goal to laugh more is as important as setting the goals to get more exercise, eat healthier, and drink more water.

Tell yourself: “I resolve to laugh more”.

2. Include Laughter in Your Morning Routine. 

Many of us have a routine that we follow every morning to help set us up to have a great day.

How about adding laughter to your morning routine?

One way you can do this is by getting a year-in-a-box calendar that will give you a quick laugh when you glance at the joke for the day. 

Choose a year-in-a-box calendar that tickles your fancy and put it right next to your alarm clock.

Start your day with laughter!

Another idea is to get yourself a joke book and read one joke every morning.

Take Action: 

What will you do this week to enjoy more laughter in your life?


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