Alpine Stepper/ 500-600 MM

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Alpine Stepper/ 500-600 MM

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Own your piece of Jurassic history. Finest genuine stone for pillars, walling and stunning alpine schist landscapes!

100% Natural, 100% Sustainable and 100% Unique.

✔ Beautiful natural colours, ✔ Create a natural pathway,, ✔ Alpine steeper is fast and easy to lay, ✔ Never fades or wears out, ✔ 20 year warranty


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Premier Schist Stone

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500-600 mm



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Important Information

  • Coverage: Approx 3.5 face  m2 per tonne
  • Standard depth of stone: 150 mm (face to back)
  • Need minimum of 200 mm wide concrete ledge/ foundation/ footing
  • 285 kgs per face m2
  • Must have engineer spec if using for house cladding
  • We can provide larger or smaller pieces to order
  • Corners pieces available
  • Minimum footing depth should be 1/4 of wall height (landscape walls)