Premier Pavers Warranty

Premier Group warrant that Premier Pavers will not break up and that the surface will not wear away unusually fast within 10 years from the date of purchase. Any liability for a product failure that may arise will be limited to repair or replacement of the defective product and will only apply for the benefit of the original purchase. Premier Group will not be liable for any consequential loss or damage, or transport charges.


  1. Construction, installation and maintenance being carried out as specified in Premier Paver Manual/Brochure/Website. In the case of wetcast paving (Italia range) this means paving MUST be laid using the recommended 5 spot mortar method.
  2. Warranty certificate being returned to the manufacturer within 21 days of purchase together with proof of purchase.


  1. Sealers, grouts or mortar. This includes any issues that may arise relating to or resulting from the application of sealers, grouts and mortars.
  2. Normal wear and tear, damage by impact or acts of God.
  3. Situations where the Pavers have been subject to exposure to chemicals, water blasters or other corrosion causing products (see Premier Pavers Maintenance info for guidelines).
  4. Unsuitable use of the product: e.g. used as Bricks.
  5. Batching and natural colour variations.
  6. Efflorescence: All cement based products are subject to this natural phenomenon. It can appear to “whiten” or fade the product. It will gradually diminish over time or you can choose to acid wash and seal with Premier Products.
  7. Colour: Premier products are manufactured from natural materials for natural results. Colour variation is normal and is part of the natural beauty of the product.
  8. For wetcast pavers (Italia range) Thickness variations. (Thickness variation is a non-issue if laid using the recommended 5 spot mortar method).
  9. All natural variations as explained in the following statements.
It is important to understand that Premier products are created from natural materials to achieve a natural look. This means that every Premier product captures nature’s variety and beauty and any variations you see will not affect the performance of the product but rather will enhance a natural, weathered stone appearance. Natural variations as explained in the order confirmation and our brochures include colour variations, chipping, texture variations, hairline fissures, and other variations typical of stone based materials. Any variations from the samples you have seen ensure your paving project is unique and special to your home.


Quality: If for some reason you are not completely satisfied with the quality of the pavers, please contact Premier Group immediately. We will not accept any claims for labour costs to remove or relay pavers that have already been laid. Our warranty is limited to free replacement of the product, deemed to be unsatisfactory by Premier Group before laying takes place. Terms and conditions apply.


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