"Poppies Martinborough is a new boutique wine producer in the heart of Martinborough’s beautiful landscape and vineyards.

The home for the wines was developed with the vision and romanticism of an old French wine cellar and courtyard; both visually intriguing and relaxing. The seductive nature of the vineyards needed to be bound with the building and the landscape, so a lot of importance was put on the visual aesthetics to ensure this new building had an old world feel."

"The courtyard areas needed to be durable to a commercial standard yet look inviting and elegant. This came down to the choice of pavers and the colour needed to create the right ambience. After in-depth research was carried out with many different companies and products, the Premier Milano 600×300 pavers in Desert Dusk colour were decided on.

To put it simply, the result is “fantastic”. Premier Group have delivered something special and I am seriously grateful."

"Great company to deal with, great product!"