Arcline Architecture are a successful architecture firm based in Northland. They’ve been designing homes and buildings around New Zealand for over 25 years. Their wealth of design skills ensures our built environment complements our incredible New Zealand landscapes.

If you’re beginning your journey to your dream home, Arcline are here to help.

Designing homes requires the understanding of thousands of details, the larger of these being the cladding choice – which determines both aesthetics and durability.

For this stunning project below, Arcline specified the Estate Brick 542x130x70mm in Iron Stone colour from the Premier Brick range

The Premier Estate brick is available in a unique size of 542mm long by 130mm high and 70mm thick. The brick has all the outstanding qualities of Premier Bricks including:

✅ Straight and true edges.
✅ Colour right through.
✅ Colour matched mortar available for all colours.
✅ 50 Year Warranty.
✅ Fantastic whites and greys.
✅ Fine ‘sandstone’ texture

The Premier Estate brick offers style and formality, making it a perfect choice for brick cladding projects.