When the Architect was looking for the perfect pedestrian paver to enhance the forecourt for this world first project, he selected the Flagstone Pavers from the Premier Lifestyle Range.

These pavers are perfect for high traffic areas and offer a texture which is both soft underfoot but also very slip resistant.

Using a unique laying pattern, the Architect has created a very distinctive area using two of the most striking colours in the Lifestyle Range: Premier White and Black Magic.

It is a very impressive project indeed!

Here is a little taster from the Hamilton Gardens website:

Step back 4,000 years to the sun kissed lands of the Pharaohs.

Hamilton Gardens’ story of civilisations and gardens begins in Ancient Egypt. Our Ancient Egyptian Garden is believed to be the first recreation of this sacred garden type. Enter the world of ancient Egypt.

Stroll back in time. Take shelter from the sweltering sun beneath the vines on the pergola. Gaze upon the hieroglyphics and the stars on the temple’s portico ceiling. Sit awhile among the sacred plants. Imagine you have come to ensure your soul will have safe passage through the dangers of the underworld into the promises of the afterlife. Visit the garden today to experience it for yourself.