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Why Choose Bricks?

There is a variety of reasons to choose brick. From achieving a desired aesthetic to benefiting from its solid return on investment, learn why brick is a great option for your home’s exterior and more.

Timeless Style

Brick’s incredible longevity, versatility, and permanent color, brick looks just as great on historic colonial structures as it does on sleek, contemporary office buildings.
Its timeless beauty, range of styles and color variety make brick a hard-to-beat choice for cladding, paving and even interior applications like fireplaces, backsplashes and exposed brick walls.

Unmatched Durability

When it comes to resilience, “The Three Little Pigs” were onto something with brick. It provides superior shelter that other cladding materials can’t match in terms of durability, fire protection, protection from wind-borne debris and more. Other products—like manufactured stone or fiber cement—may talk a big game, but no material holds up like brick in severe weather events.

Not only does brick offer protection from wind and fire but it also minimizes the threat of mold growth, wood rot and infestation, which are important long-term considerations.

Lasting Affordability

No other material provides as much aesthetic, protective and long-lasting value as genuine clay brick. Brick costs about half as much as manufactured stone and just a third more than fiber cement before considering fiber cement’s lifetime maintenance costs. See for yourself how brick compares to other materials.

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