When it comes to building and finding house bricks for sale, trust the unmatched quality of   Premier Brick .

Enhance your property with a stylish finish using bricks, either on their own or in combination with weatherboard for a striking contrast. As the leading brick supplier in New Zealand, we provide nationwide brick supply from Auckland to Waikato and beyond. Consult with us to discover the perfect designer house bricks for your project and explore our selection of paving stones to complement your property.
Beautiful, Elegant & streamlined linear design.

The all new  Chateau Brick  . An architectural veneer / cladding stone like none other!

Country Brick, NZ's Favourite
White Double Brick!

Smaller Size & More Design Possibilities with Modena Brick.

Elegance and design flexibility harmonized in the  Estate Brick   .

NZ's  largest brick  , offering a stunning natural Stone aesthetic with a lighter, more affordable alternative.



* Please note that we do not offer rumbled edges for our darker brick colours as the rumbling technique that we use may cause discolouration and slight defects to the face of the bricks.

Vintage Brick / 290x90x70 MM

Chateau Brick / 542x70x70 MM

Modena Brick / 290x90x70 MM

Country Brick / 290x145x70 MM

Estate Brick / 542x130x70 MM

Mansion Brick / 542x270x70 MM


what our customers say

We saw Premier Bricks on a show home and decided to use them in our business as well. There is a large range of colour options to choose from and we liked the white brick and it seems to be the most popular with our clients at the moment. Premier Bricks come in a good range of colours and sizes and we’ve had positive compliments on the colour of these bricks. The prices are competitive and the bricks look great once they have been laid.
Daniel Klinkenberg
Urban Homes
We get positive feedback from our clients all the time when we use Premier Bricks. We decided to use them after seeing how good they looked on other homes that had used them.
Keir Bettley
Director of Signature Homes Waikato
These bricks are great to lay, they are straight and true, uniform in colour, great value for money and look fantastic on any house whatever your budget. We have many happy customers.
Greg Bond Bricklaying Ltd
Licenced Building Practitioner with 27 years’ experience
A short time ago my wife and I had a new home in Tauranga. We chose your Premier Brick (country range, colour white). The bricks were installed last week and we are delighted with the product we have chosen. They look superb on our new home.
John McPadden
Premier Bricks are an excellent brick and are very easy to lay. We’ve had a lot of positive comments on the colour of these bricks and they look great once they are laid. Before using Premier Bricks I wondered if concrete bricks would suck up more moisture than clay bricks. However after seeing the great look on other homes that used Premier Bricks that convinced me to use them ourselves. The service from the Premier Team is amazing as well.
Nate Alley
Sentinel Homes
You guys have by far the best quality bricks in NZ! They are straighter, truer & more colour consistent than all the rest out there! They are definitely the best bricks to lay & give the ultimate finish for the homeowner!
Johnny Ehrhorn
Bricklayer with 20 years’ experience