Motivational Monday Volume 212! The Success List!

A success list is a simple way to create more fun, pleasure and enjoyment in your life.

First get a small pocket notebook. Then get into the habit of writing down in this notebook five or more successes that you have each day. A success is anything that makes you feel good about yourself when it happens. These successes can be things you do or things that happen to you. The key is that you felt good about yourself when each success happened.


A success could be something as simple as getting to work on time despite the traffic. It could be someone smiling at you. A success might be getting positive feedback on something you’ve done. A success could be doing a task you’ve been putting off. A success could be meeting with an interesting person who inspires you. A success might be taking one small action step toward an important goal.

A success does not have to be earth shattering; however it does have to be something that makes you feel good about yourself when it happened.

When you’ve used a success list for three weeks or more; you will have written down over one hundred successes you’ve had in this time.

Imagine how good you would feel reading a list like this.

Think of a success list as being a bit like a photograph album filled with photos of some of the happiest moments in your life. Every time you look at the photos, those happy moments and feelings come back.

Action Exercise:

Get yourself a pocket notebook today. Start writing at least five successes you have each day in this notebook.

Notice how you feel after doing this for a week or two.

Kind regards,

Bernard and the team at Premier Group NZ!


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