Motivational Monday Volume 203! Picture this now…

At Premier Group NZ, one of our core values is: Pursue great health and fitness!

The big problem is, only a small % of society actually makes it a priority in their lives.

So, here is that kick in the b#tt that you have been waiting for. This message could change your life for ever….

In today’s chapter I want to picture this:

You are not feeling too well and it’s been this way for a few days now.

You go and see your doctor who diagnoses you with a very rare disease you have never heard the name of.

He tells you, you have 2 options:

Go home and prepare to die. You only have 4 weeks to live….

Or option 2: Incorporate 2 hours of vigorous flag waving every day to ward off the disease and extend your life expectancy by 10 years.

What would you die?

Go home and die?

Or do the 2 hours of daily flag waving?

Of course you answer, option 2 is the only option!
So you go home, review your daily program, make the necessary changes and for the rest of your life, you incorporate the 2 hours of flag waving into your daily routine. You never ever miss. Rain, hail or shine.

Ok, so now you have admitted that you can suddenly free up 2 hours of your day, everyday to fit in a life changing routine/ discipline.

So my next question is: If you haven’t started a daily routine/habit of at least 20 minutes of intense exercise every day, and making a little extra time to prepare healthy meals instead of filling your body with poison like packet food, fast food etc, then what are you thinking?

Where is your time going?

What unhealthy and time wasting habits are you stuck in right now? WHY?!

When are you going to change?!

If you don’t make the change now, you may never make it and your life will continue to be a steady decline into premature ageing, increasing health problems and misery.

Here’s the rub: If you don’t prioritise your health and fitness now, it will make itself a priority later. There is no 3rd option.

You can choose the rigours of healthy living now, or choose the penalties of unhealthy living later. There is no 3rd option.

You can make excuses or you can make progress. You can’t make both.

A great quote I read lately is this: He who is good at making excuses is good for nothing else.

These can be tough truths to swallow for some. But the sooner we accept them, the sooner we can make positive progress.

Upgrading your body is the most rewarding process. It gives you the confidence, power, energy, positivity, passion and determination to build a great life. Your best life.

We have all met unhealthy people with a lot of money. They are not happy. We have all met unhealthy people with no money. They are not happy either!

Without great health, we really have nothing. Health must come first.

It is just like our principle of putting culture first at PGNZ. If we do this, everything else will follow.

In life, if we put our health first, everything else will follow. Everything else will be easier.

Our health affects literally every other department in our lives: Our work, our relationships, our social life, our careers, our family life, everything!

The short term pain in the gym or on the bike is just a drop in the bucket compared to the abundance of health benefits that follow.

We often say at PGNZ: small incremental improvements will change your life! This quote couldn’t be truer in the world of health and fitness!

Imagine if your health improved by just 1 % per day instead of declining!

How would you feel?

How would you look?

What would it do for your confidence?

What would it do for your energy levels?

Imagine having boundless energy!

Imagine looking and feeling 10 years younger than your peers!

Imagine being that healthy guy or gal that everyone looks up to and wonders how they do it!

Imagine all this for just a small 20 minute investment per day?!

You admitted at the start of this chapter that if you had a life changing diagnosis, you could suddenly find an extra 2 hours in your day!

So what would you have to give up right now to create that extra 2 hours? Netflix? Gaming? Social media? Window shopping? Browsing the net? Watching you tube?

Review your routine right now and make a list of all the low value/zero value activities you are wasting your life away on.

Now take all that extra time and INVEST it into your health and fitness! BAM! Now we are getting somewhere! This is the best investment you will ever make in your life! Period.

So you are taking all the non value adding time in your life and using it to your massive advantage! You are turning it into value added time! You are a LEAN thinker! You are going places! You are on a personal transformation journey!

At PGNZ we really deeply care about your wellbeing and helping you to get ahead in life and to fulfil your massive potential. You cannot possibly achieve proper wellbeing unless you are healthy and fit. It is simple math. Wellbeing all begins with health and fitness. You wish for mental wellbeing? The simple answer: Get fit and healthy! Do the research for yourself. You don’t have to look very far to see the many many health benefits from maintaining a daily healthy diet and exercise routine. The benefits are boundless!

An amazing and eye opening book I can recommend is this: Muscle for life. By Mike Matthews. I have read countless books and articles on health and fitness and I have to say that this one is #1 by far.

We can inspire and motivate and support you. But we cant change your habits for you. YOU have to do that. YOU have to stop the excuses and make the changes needed.

The power is in your hands right now to make it happen! No no not tomorrow! Not next week! NOW! Right now! You can do this. 😊

It is urgent. We live in a world of ever growing societal and health issues. They are piling up faster than our hospitals and law enforcement people can deal with them! We cannot afford to just go with the flow/ go with the crowd. The crowd is in steady decline. Physically, mentally, morally.

If you want to live your best life, a life filled with purpose, joy, satisfaction and happiness then you MUST break free of the crowd! You must break free from the shackles of average thinking! Of selfish thinking! Of negative thinking!

You must surround yourself with positive people, with healthy people, with great people who will inspire and motivate and encourage you to do better, be better, live better! Your health and life should be improving every day!

If you don’t make time for good health, you must make time for illness.

Imagine feeling healthy, young, strong, lean, energetic, positive, happy, fast, fun, vibrant, confident and more!!

The great news is, you can! And the power is in your hands to start right now!

A journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step!

The best time to start living a healthy life is 20 years ago. The 2nd best time is NOW!

They key is daily consistency. That’s where 99% of people fall over. They have great intentions but fail to put in the work daily to transform their lives.

You are a direct result of your daily habits. What are you doing daily right now that you need to drop? STOP and fix what bugs you!

The greatest favour you will ever do for yourself and your family is to begin living a healthy lifestyle.

You will become and influence for good and you will have an incredibly positive impact on your family, friends and community.

So STOP! Stop right now, review your lifestyle, make the changes you need to, get on Habitshare, get your body moving and start right now!

Future, healthy you, is relying on you to make the right decisions today.

Cheers to your healthy and happy future!


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