Motivational Monday Volume 201! Why do we give away so much value every week?

People often ask us: Why do you guys put so much time and effort into things like the Motivational Monday email (MM) and the Business Success Thursday emails (BST) ?

And they ask: “why do you even do them at all?”

The answer is simple: We believe in giving till it hurts and paying it forward.

At PGNZ we love to pay it forward!

We love to give tonnes of unexpected value to our customers, our team, our community, our suppliers etc!

We love to surprise every lead, prospect and customer with much more value than they ever expected from us! Deliver WOW through service!

Give! Give! Give!

MM and BST are great ways to do this!

Every Monday morning the MM goes out to our entire database and the feedback is fantastic! Customers love it!

In the MM we share life tips, hacks and inspiration for our database.

We also add a few simple and clear CTA’s (calls to action) at the bottom to encourage the recipient to call us, email us, webchat with us or leave a google review for us etc.

The BST is more business advice focussed and goes out to all our business leads and customers eg builders, landscapers, architects and anyone else who wishes to subscribe.

We share anything from marketing tips to sales, culture, operations, LEAN (of course!) and as with the MM we have a simple, clear CTA or two.

These emails also help us to be remembered in a positive way and to stay front of mind with the people on our database.

It is like a dripping tap which gradually wears a groove in the minds of all our contacts.

Consistency is key, so once again I cannot over emphasise the importance that the App Habitshare plays in this strategy.

Consistency builds trust with your subscribers and with trust comes sales and abundance.

Without Habitshare I would never have the daily discipline to write and post new content and achieve the many KPIs on my list.

Also without an amazing team all working together toward one common goal, we could never achieve the amazing volume and quality of content and value that we put out into the world every day.

And of course the more we pay it forward, the more we help the communities that we work in and the more we help our fellow hard working Kiwis which then flows on to helping our economy grow!

This of course leads to more jobs which leads to better wellbeing! Having a solid job is the most important foundation block to wellbeing and improving your life and circumstances.

So you can see from all of this, that by paying it forward and being crazy generous, we are playing a key role in making NZ great again! In helping to grow the economy! In helping our fellow Kiwis to live a better to life! In helping more people achieve their life goals!

How cool is that!? 😊

It really doesn’t get any better than that!

Take action: What more can you do everyday to give more unexpected value? To deliver absolute wow to everyone you meet?


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