Motivational Monday Volume 194! Ways to love your job more!

So here are two simple strategies to create more happiness in your life each day.

1: Declutter your office.

When people feel low on energy, often it’s because they’re not clearing out as they go. Their inbox is overflowing. Their desk is a disaster. Their file drawers are jammed. Decluttering is liberating and empowering.

2: Find a positive image to inspire you and help you cope with a job.

Tape a picture of a special image on your office wall, away from your computer and phone. That way, you’ll have to turn to look directly at it, which can be transporting. The very action of directing your attention away from your work opens up the door in your day for a respite, a restart, and a new view.

3: Finally, laugh more.

A recent Gallup poll found that people who smile and laugh at work are more engaged in their jobs.

And the more engaged you are, the happier and more enthusiastic you’ll be. This won’t just trickle down to the quality of your work; people will want to have you on their team. Plus: couldn’t we all use a laugh?

Take Action:

Make an action point in your diary each day to do 1 thing to make your workplace/ workspace more fun and vibrant. Your immediate environment makes a big difference on how you feel and perform.


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