Motivational Monday Volume 184! Time management!

Here is another extract from our upcoming book: The Premier way! At PGNZ we are obsessed about how we manage our time!

Every day, week, month, quarter and year is carefully planned!

We leave no stone unturned in our relentless search for time management improvement.

We all have a deep respect for the precious gift of time and we do not tolerate any waste of this scarcest of resources!

We all have 24 hours in a day. This is the one thing that unites every human being on this planet. From the richest to the poorest. From the happiest to the not so happy!

Time is the great equalizer. No one person has any more hours in a day or any less. It is what we do with that 24 hours each day that makes all the difference.

In other words if we want to achieve our life goals and dreams we MUST put first things first! Sounds simple right? So why do 99% of people fail to achieve their daily to do list let alone their big life goals!? It all starts with what we call our daily G and G! this stands for goals and gratefuls. So at PGNZ we write down 5 to 10 things we are grateful every morning as part of our morning routine. We then write down 5 to 10 life goals that we have.

There is incredible power in this daily action. Life changing power in fact. Ask anyone in our team who has incorporated this habit into their daily routine and they will tell you that magic happens when you commit to this simple action.

From there this helps you to constantly review and refine your goals and the things that are really important to you. This then flows onto helping you to plan your days, weeks, months and years and to put in place small daily habits that will inch you closer to these goals everyday.

There is an old saying: “You are what you eat.” That is to say, you are a product of your daily habits. Your daily habits define you. A successful person builds and maintains good daily habits. An unsuccessful person is stuck in a deep rut of bad daily habits.

To get you started on the road to ensuring you create and maintain great habits, use the App, Habitshare. This will be the most important App you ever download and use on your phone! This App is life changing if you use it! (more on this in another chapter).

So once you have figured out your priorities in life and at work it makes it a lot easier to plan your time. It is key to put the “big rocks” first, then the pebbles, then the sand. There is a great video you must watch here: (Big Rocks)

In essence this is putting first things first!

Of course when you first join PGNZ your day is pretty much planned for you as you work through our epic training and coaching system and you have certain KPIs to meet each day etc etc. But from day one we also insist that you start a diary and we train you how to use this using our powerful Premier Time management guidelines and principles.

And as you grow and learn at PGNZ, the importance of goal setting and obsessive time management will quickly grow on you as you are surrounded by a team who understands the principles of time management and urgency at a deep level! And as you grow into a leadership role or begin to wear more hats, take on more responsibility etc etc, you get better and better at planning your days, weeks, months and years to ensure you are operating at maximum effectiveness and efficiency at work which in turn supports the attainment of your life goals.

Just like the art of selling, the art of time management is a skill that you can always improve on from here on out. But even if you set the bar low and aim for just a 1% improvement in your time management everyday, you will gradually earn your masters degree in TM!

One of the key secrets is to record where your time is going in real time, as the day goes by. This is done in the “actual” column right beside your planned column. This allows you to see where your time is going and helps you to review and improve your planning day by day.

At PGNZ we will never lose our obsession and passion for relentless improvement of our individual and collective time management. This is the one resource that we cannot buy and we understand and respect that at a deep level. As time goes on we are fitting more and more value added activity into the 24 hours that we all have.

Once again, LEAN is the ultimate tool/culture/vehicle to help us do more in less time! To add more value in less time! To eliminate waste through continuous improvement! To allow us to live 100 lifetimes!


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