Motivational Monday Volume 176! Are you wasting your weekends?!

I hope you had a fantastic weekend with family and friends!

Did you knock off your weekend goals? If not, why not? 

At Premier Group we encourage all of our team to be sure to plan every weekend so not a day, hour or even a  minute is wasted!

We only get 52 weekends per year so it is vital that we make every one of them count!

Every human being I know has an innate desire to keep improving their lives and their circumstances! Therefore it behoves us all to make those precious weekends count with a mixture of fitness goals, home improvement goals, relationship/family goals etc etc.

I am sure we all know the feeling of waking up on a Monday morning with not much to show for the weekend or worse still, less to show than when it started!

Anyone who has been a teenager knows that feeling Im sure!

But once we wake up to the fact that time is passing quickly and that we cannot get any of it back, everything changes! A new sense of purpose emerges and we are on a mission to make every minute count!

There is nothing better than waking up Monday morning, happy in the knowledge that you made the weekend really count! That you have something to show for it! Whether that be better health, a home improvement or two, a mini adventure with your family, a new hobby started or all of the above!

So, if you feel you have been wasting your weekends or not making the most of them, now is the time to plan for next weekend! Take your diary now and write in a few goals for Saturday and a few for Sunday. It is also a good idea to write a few in for Friday evening so you can kick your weekend off with purpose!

If you are great at time management already then this will be a breeze for you. However if you are not skilled at time management and you are not currently practicing  hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual planning then this may feel a little uncomfortable to you.

Take courage! All the good stuff happens outside your comfort zone! All growth happens outside your comfort zone! So get on with it and get into it! Take action! Life rewards action takers! And remember that you wont get any better at it unless you practice!

Some ideas to get you started are:

  1. A fitness goal. Eg plan in a walk or bike or game of tennis etc.
  2. A family goal. Eg a game of soccer with the kids!
  3. A health goal. Eg try out a new healthy recipe.
  4. A home improvement goal. Eg improve your garage layout/ hang up some tools/ fix what bugs you!/ declutter a cupboard or wardrobe etc.

So, take action now: Write down your goals for the weekend ahead! Commit to them. Make them happen!

You can either make excuses or you can make your life better. You cant make both!

Cheers to your success!

Bernard and the team at Premier Group NZ!


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