Motivational Monday Volume 162! Use time blocks each day!

A helpful strategy to free up time is to use Time Blocks.

Time blocks are chunks of time you intentionally schedule that are dedicated exclusively to one specific activity without interruptions.

Below are the chunks of time you should be scheduling on a daily basis:

Deep Work

This is the most important work that requires your highest levels of focus and attention. Despite natural human tendencies, deep work should always be completed first, if possibleSchedule a block of 3-6 straight hours, or 50 minutes every hour, to spend doing deep work. During these blocks, you should: 

  • Work offline or only leave tabs open that are essential to completing the deep work
  • Close email and turn off all alerts
  • Make no outgoing calls and let the incoming phone calls go to voicemail
  • Put your cell phone in your desk or out of sight
  • Listen only to non-distracting music
  • Do your best to avoid all meetings and limit interruptions from co-workers


You should have blocks dedicated exclusively to communication (phone calls, emails, meetings) so that these things don’t interrupt you from your deep work blocks.

Keep the number of emails and phone call blocks small (i.e.- checking at 12 pm, then not until 4 pm) because very few things are actually an emergency.


These include meals), breaks to walk around the building or outside, workouts, and social media.


Yes, you should schedule 7-8 hours of sleep on your calendar. Sleeping less will technically get you more time in your day, but the damage to creativity, focus, and productivity negatively outweighs the additional time you get back.

Proper sleep will increase the quality and efficiency of your work and therefore, free up more time.

Free Time

Use your free time to spend time with people you love, enhance your passions, or do anything else that you love doing that will help you move closer to your ultimate goals.

Take Action: 

Schedule some Time Blocks this week.


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