Motivational Monday Volume 139! How to keep your brain young!

Today’s quote: “The human brain has 100 billion neurons, each neuron connected to 10 thousand other neurons. Sitting on your shoulders is the most complicated object in the known universe.”– Michio Kaku

Here are some tips to keep your brain young:

1. Expose your inner quirkiness and wit

Your days are pretty much the same. You wake up, check the time, do your morning routine, do all the chores and work before you wrap up everything.

It’s pretty much predictable. Your brain is bored!

To awaken the brain’s inner quirkiness and wit, it will help to shake up your routine a bit. Make some changes in your habits. Changes that will challenge your current capabilities.

Instead of brushing with your dominant hand, try the other hand. Instead of driving the same route, find a new route without letting Siri dictate the directions.  Instead of listening to the same genre of music, switch to pop, classical, jazz or whatever you want.

If you want to use chopsticks when eating salsa and chips, heck, why not? This is the perfect time to go against the conventional you and see how your brain gets challenged with these small changes.

2. The brain responds well to novelty.

To keep your brain highly engaged when reading, expand your reading universe. Explore different authors, genres and alternate them. Try alternative sources of learning. If you are more into books, try videos and audiobooks.

3. It’s time to lift that butt from the couch

If you love your brain, it’s helpful to lift your butt from that soft cushion. The brain uses at least 25 percent of oxygen you breathe. Even walking around your block or jogging for 15 minutes every couple of days can create a wonderful impact to your brain.

Researchers from Scripp College in California found out that regular exercise has a stronger impact on sharp thinking than sensible eating. 

“Researchers gave memory tests to forty-six elderly people who walked daily and found out that those who walked the farthest scored best, while those who barely walked showed signs of dementia.”

The next time you look for a memory pill, try a memory walk to lubricate your brain and refuel its parts.

Take Action:

Take some time this week to keep your brain young.


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