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Motivational Monday Volume 122! 99 Good news stories you may have missed in 2020!

Today’s quote: This world needs more than good works. It needs good news. Good works come out of the good news.”  – Mark Driscoll

I’m a big fan of sharing positive news and events with as many people as possible.

Because when you expose yourself to good news and positive events you feel better and are more likely to take positive action in your own life.

Which is why I’m delighted to recommend the publication by Future Crunch of “99 Good News Stories you may have missed in 2020.”

This summarizes 99 super positive good news stories about health, the environment, conservation, education and a whole lot more.

You can read all 99 good news stories at this link

I recommend you save this link and read a few of the good news stories each day.

They show you that the world is doing amazingly well in a lot of areas that you may not be aware of. 

Two of my favourite good news stories from this list of 99 stories were about health in 2020.

Here they are:

The WHO revealed that malaria deaths have reached the lowest level ever recorded, a drop of almost 60% in the last two decades. Take a moment to let this sink in: between 2000 and 2019, 1.5 billion malaria cases and 7.6 million malaria deaths were averted globally.

(That is very good news!)

What’s the biggest threat to children around the world? It’s not AIDS, malaria or tuberculosis – it’s pneumonia. 

In 2011 the disease claimed the lives of 1.3 million children before their fifth birthday (18% of all child deaths around the world). 

Last year, that number dropped to 672,000, a fall of almost 50% in less than a decade. 

That is huge news.

Let me know what your favourite good news story is from the list of 99. 



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