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Celtic Stonework

Certified stone masons, bringing the beauty of natural stone to homes and landscapes

Waikato based stonemasons and stone merchants, natural stonework for buildings and landscaping, including schist stonework, stone cladding and stone walls.

Over 40 years of experience in stonework for:

Stone Houses
Stone Columns and Pillars
Stone Gates and Stone Entrance ways
Stone Fireplaces
Stone Arches

About Celtic Stonework
Celtic Stonework – was established and is run by Taffy (Paul Williams)

Taffy is from the South Wales valleys where at the age of 15 years old entered into an agreement to serve a bona-fide apprenticeship on the 4th day of October 1971 to be taught the craft of stone masonry by old stonemasons of that time in a town named Merthyr Tydfil.

During the period from October 1971 to October 1974 Taffy served is an apprenticeship, he was taught the craft of how to cut the Blue Pennant stone with only hammer and chisel. After two years in the quarries cutting stone in the banker sheds he then moved on to the installing of the stone.

At this point, Taffy also learned how to fix and cut natural Welsh roof slate for the roofing of the projects he worked on such as historical Heritage buildings from old churches, castles and Industrial protected buildings.

On arrival to New Zealand on 21st September 2000, it became apparent to Taffy that the workmanship with regards to stonework was, in general, substandard and not being done by qualified stone masons.

At this point, it was decided to establish Celtic Stonework and soon gained the reputation for quality workmanship from a bonafide trade certified Stone Mason.

With now over “43” years experience Taffy has become a “Master stonemason”. Celtic Stonework is the only company who openly displays proof of Trade certification and a proven record of an apprenticeship.

Celtic Stonework will undertake large and small projects, consult with architects, designers, and landscape/interior designers. With his knowledge regarding stone work Taffy will find a way to provide what the client desires.

Taffy is passionate about working with Natural Stone because it is a Sustainable building material which allows him to be creative plus add value to a property, it will also mature with time because it does not have a colour loss, not like artificial man-made fake schist.

Contact us for a free consultation for quality stonework buy a bona fide Trade Certified Stone Mason.

Telephone: 021 248 2339

E mail:

Address: P.O Box 24041, Abels, Hamilton, 3253


What Customers Say About Celtic Stonework

"It was worth the wait!!!! Our house looks fantastic, thanks to our wonderful, artistic, helpful Stonemason. He was able to work his magic on our stone from it's raw state, to an amazing end result which we are all proud of.His ability and attention to detail along with his "old school" know how is rarely seen in craftsmen of today." - Caroline and Lou Briggs
"Taffy was one of the first contractors we employed on a landscape implementation when starting out in business. We have since had the pleasure to recommend and have him work with us on a number of installations. Taffy's unique personality is reflected in his workmanship. He is a true craftsman stonemason. He has a feel for and an ability to work with stone (of all sorts) that I have rarely seen with other stone workers. Not only is Taffy a great craftsman technically, but possesses an intuitive understanding of what I want to achieve artistically with my designs. The true testamant to his ability is that we will soon be having him work on our private home." - Wendy Twine
"We have been in our new home for just over a year now and are still constantly enjoying the stonework that you did for us. Everyone who visits us has commented on how the pillars are such an elegant feature but when they see the fireplace they are totally blown away by its incredible beauty. You really did an amazing job and exceed all our dreams and expectations." - Steve and Naomi Wicker
"I have been in the house a year now and all is going well - it is starting to take on some personality but I still have a little way to go. Last night I had some visitors - they just loved the stonework and admired your craftsmanship. It is good to be reminded at times and not take things for granted. So I am passing on the many compliments received over the year. Spiders love it too!!! Any time over this way call in Taffy!!" - Gill Leonard

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