Business Success Thursday Volume 210! Here’s a clever strategy for becoming successful in business…

The strategy is super simple.

Focus consistently on doing things in your business at a level of 7 out of 10. 
Let’s be honest:

You are rarely going to be a “10”, at anything you do in your business. Even briefly.

But if you can consistently be a “7”, you will dominate your market.


Because most business people give only casual effort if any at all to the things they do in their business.

I really like this concept of doing things at a level of 7 out of 10. 

It is very achievable.  

So you don’t worry about doing anything perfectly.

Focus more on doing lots of things that are good enough.

And when you do that it’s remarkable the results you see happen over time.

Take Action:

What positive ‘good enough’ actions can you take this month to get your business more widely known?

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