Business Success Thursday Volume 205! Imagine You Are At A Function With Around 100 Business Owners!

Imagine you are at a function with around 100 business owners.

And you meet two people.

The first person you meet is an accountant called Bob. Bob then spends five minutes telling you how good he is as an accountant.

How do you feel about Bob after he spends five minutes blowing his own horn as it were?

You probably think that Bob is a bit vain and egotistical and full of himself.

You then meet another business owner called Sue.

And she says something very interesting.

She points to another person in the room and says

‘Do you know Fred. He is an accountant. In fact he’s one of the best accountants in the country. He saved me over $35,000 in taxes last year. And he suggested two simple pricing changes that made me an extra $75,000 in new profits last year as well. Fred is amazing.’

Howdo you feel about Fred based on what Sue just told you?

You probably want to go and chat to Fred and see if he might be able to help you.

In fact Fred sounds like someone you definitely want to meet!

Now both Bob and Fred are accountants.

But there was a big difference in ‘who’ was saying good things about them.

Bob was saying good things about himself.

And because he was saying good things he came across as arrogant and vain.

Fred on the other hand has other people (like Sue) saying good things about him.

And other people saying good things about your business is up to 10 times more believable than anything you can say on your own behalf.

So that’s why Fred is now highly desirable for people to talk to.

And Bob makes people want to avoid him.

Which leads to my question to you today.

Who is saying amazing things about your business?

Is it you or people in your company saying good things?

Or is it a number of your delighted clients saying great things?

Take Action:

Ring up one of your best clients and ask them why they loveand highly recommend your business. Then use these positive comments in your marketing.

“Word-of-mouth is powerful, trusted, and cheap.” Martin Lindstrom

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Cheers to your success!

Bernard and the team at Premier Group NZ!


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