Business Success Thursday Volume 200! Why entitlement stinks!

Here is another extract from our upcoming book, The Premier Way!…

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We have shared with you many of our sayings, quotes, philosophies and beliefs.

One of the quotes on our posters goes like this: NO class distinctions!

And along with this we could add the quote: No one has the right to feel entitled. Entitlement stinks!

These 2 statements go hand in hand.

At PGNZ we have a change the world mission and 10 core values that guide our decisions and behaviours.

And within these core values are many statements that we regularly discuss and quote to ensure we are keeping the rope tight! And to ensure we are always improving the culture!

Sadly we are surrounded with a populace that is on a steady decline in all the important areas in life: health, values, morals, spirituality, relationships etc. Broken households have become the norm. Fatherless children have become the norm. Eating packet and fast food has become the norm. Self obsession has become the norm. Wasting mind numbing, mindless hours on social media, gaming and Netflix has become the norm. And so on and so on…. The list is endless.

At PGNZ we are building a special workplace and community for like minded people, all sharing the same values, to come together everyday and create something special. Something extraordinary in a sea of ordinary and mediocrity. A shining light in a declining and broken world of confusion, uncertainty and darkness.

We are firm believers in the saying: Make it better by one! Because even though you may feel feeble and overwhelmed at least YOU are doing the best you possibly can each and every day!

As part of building our fun lean culture we are very focussed on the 2 key pillars of lean:
1. A deep respect for people and
2. A deep respect for resources!

Once again these 2 pillars leave no room for any class distinction or entitlement.

Another example is this: Lean begins in the bathroom. Using the bathroom is a common experience that unites us all. So we learn to leave it better than we found it. Every single time. Not just when we feel like it or when we are in the mood! As soon as we lose sight of this principle we are allowing for class distinction and entitlement. We are acting as if we are above our team mates. This is never ok. This stinks and we have no room for this attitude or behaviour at PGNZ.

In society we are surrounded by class distinction and entitlement. Every time we see it we recoil. It stinks in any shape or form!

Think about this for a moment: We all come into this world with nothing and we all leave this world with nothing in a physical sense.

And none of us would have lived for a day without the unselfish service of others let alone a long and healthy life!

So how can anyone truly believe they are entitled to something they haven’t worked for? Or haven’t paid for?

Of course, deep down every entitled person knows that they are only kidding themselves. The world owes us nothing. Nothing at all. We have all been gifted with the miracle that is the human body and the brain. So how are we using it? Are we respecting these incredible gifts? Or are we despising them through our actions and way of life?

So as part of constantly improving and refining our culture we must always challenge ourselves: Am I truly living and breathing the core values? Do I have some sense of entitlement? Do I look up to my team mates? Or am I looking down on them through my attitude and actions?

It is a healthy exercise for us each to continually review and refine our attitude and approach to life.

The one thing: Entitlement stinks and we have no room for it at PGNZ!


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