Business Success Thursday Volume 199! Lead with questions not answers!

Here is another extract from our upcoming book, The Premier Way!…

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What does this mean?…

Just exactly that! Lead your people with questions not answers.

Let me explain: If a member of your team comes to you with a question, pause and consider!

The natural and first reaction is to answer quickly so you can get on with your work.

So, hold back, pause, then reply back with a question. Do not reply with an answer!

Most leaders or managers I have observed over the years are always very quick to answer every question with a solution or straight answer.

The BIG problem with this is that your people do not learn. All this creates is a herd of sheep type mentality where the leader or leaders become a walking Google search function!

A good leader is not a search engine!

If you want your people to learn and grow and become world class problem solvers, then you need to stop leading with answers! You must start to lead with questions!

It does take time and effort to build this new habit and you will find that some of your management team will really struggle with this new mentality.

But if you persist, you will win! It is another piece of the great jigsaw puzzle of leadership and it is a very important one!

One of the key goals for every leader should be to build a team of world class problem solvers! A team of people who love new problems! A team of lean thinkers!

A lot of people love to be lead like sheep. They love to be spoon fed all the answers and solutions. Why? Because it’s easier. It is always the easy way out.  But this will stifle your culture and business if you allow it to continue.

Along with this principle you also need to be willing to allow your people to make mistakes with no blame or shame attached. (more on this in another chapter)

So as you learn to lead with questions you will start to see some really positive flow on effects. People gain confidence with every new problem solved! And as they gain confidence they are happier, more engaged and will perform at a much higher level.

So, take action now: Begin to lead with questions not answers, and watch your people GROW!


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