Business Success Thursday Volume 190! Create a system for everything!

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I hope you enjoy this resource and receive some value for you and your business!

In today’s page we discuss the importance of building a system for everything we do in the business!

So the simple and very powerful question to ask yourself every single time you do a task is this: 

Will I ever have to do this again? If yes, build a system! 

So when we say build a system or systemize it means that we create an SOP (standard operating procedure) along with any supporting checklists to mistake proof the process. 

So this applies to not only tasks that you do several times a day but even for tasks that you may only do once per month or even once per year!

This is in effect applying the powerful principle of 2 second lean (make small improvements every day) to the systemizing of our business.

The mindset we need is this: We must think of our business as if it is going to be franchised soon. So in effect we are building a franchiseable business.

When we think about a great franchise business we think about the likes of Mcdonalds, Subway, starbucks and many others.

These are companies who have created a system and a clear standard for every single process in the business. They make every process “idiot proof” by creating a clear step by step SOP for every process from how to open up in the morning to how to make a cheeseburger to how to deal with every single objection or complaint from a customer. Everything has a system/SOP!

The system is so good in these franchise businesses that they can hire Uni students with zero business experience or acumen to run them, who then produce a predictable and consistent product and service for every customer! This is astonishing but also very inspiring for companies like us who are well on the journey to this end goal!

So every day this means that we are making the process the expert not the person. 

We then constantly update and improve the SOPs as things change. Every SOP is a “living” document.

So by making the process the expert, not the person, we are freeing up our people for more value adding work every day. Freeing them up for more creative work.

Every time we write a new SOP or shoot a new SOP video we are easing the burden on ourselves and our team mates and freeing them up for higher level work.

So in conclusion, we need to take this mindset and our actions to the next level.

Be sure to publish a small poster for your desk or wall or diary with these words: Will I ever have to do this again? If yes, Build a system!

Our goal is to have this completed by the end of this year 2022!

We are well on the way, so lets double down on this and get it over the line together!

So by the end of this year we will have a franchise model business.

The benefits of this are endless. Here are a few:

1.    Increased job security.
2.    Stronger company.
3.    Improved experiences for our customers.
4.    Higher NPS score.
5.    More time for higher value work eg Improvements, learning, telesales etc.
6.    Makes work more fun.
7.    Makes work flow better.
8.    Removes the struggle.
9.    Frees up your brain for higher level thinking.
10.    Reduces a lot of waste in our day.
11.    Helps us improve profits and therefore wages.
12.    And lots more.
P.S. At Premier Business Academy we have tonnes of great resources to help you on this journey and support you along the way! Please feel free to email me back or go to:

Cheers to your success!

Bernard and the team at Premier Group NZ!


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