Business Success Thursday Volume 189! 2SL could change the world!


Here is another extract from our upcoming book, The Premier Way!…

I hope you enjoy this resource and receive some value for you and your business!

This is another important principle we must always remember and practice.

In a nutshell it means that everyone in your team is expected to make at least one small improvement every single day which will save 2 seconds or more in a process.

This makes lean so simple and easy. It makes continuous improvement so attainable for every single person in your team. No one is excluded.

So today I want to discuss more in depth our BHAG to help make NZ more productive. To help grow our economy.

We are currently a team of 75 people. Every day, all 75 are committed to fixing what bugs them. To make at least 1 small improvement per person per day!

Imagine the effect of this type of thinking and action inside a team of 5 million! NZ would be unstoppable! We would soon lead the world in all the key areas!

Imagine the incredible power of 5,000,000 small improvements every single day. Imagine the aggregation of all these improvements. It would be mind blowing to say the very least!

As we have proven in our own family, even very young children can grasp the simple concept of: Fix what bugs you!

Imagine if 2 second lean was taught in our Kindy’s, our schools, our universities, our sports clubs, all government agencies, all of our businesses etc!

Imagine if our politicians had to pass an experts level in lean studies to qualify as a politician.

Imagine if all our teachers had to qualify in lean!

Imagine if all our hospitals were obsessed about lean!

Doctors, nurses, police, fire brigade, prison wardens, even prisoners!

Imagine the incredible positive power of all this combined! The mind boggles.

Every organisation in our country could be transformed by simply applying the crazy simple principle of 2 second lean!

Imagine a healthcare system that was always improving!

Imagine an education system that was always improving!

The list goes on!

Imagine the quality of life that we could have here in NZ.

Everyday life would become a little easier, healthier, happier for all Kiwis.

As we know at PGNZ, lean teaches us to be better people. It teaches us to be less selfish, less proud, less entitled, less arrogant, more thankful, more grateful, more appreciative.

It teaches us to have a deep respect for both people and resources. It teaches us to be an all round better human being.

There is a very good reason why Toyota first called the lean system, the Improving Humanity system.

At PGNZ we are always thinking of new ways to share our fun, lean culture with the world. We are always thinking of new ways to pay it forward!

Some of these ways include:

1.Our culture tours
2.The Premier Business Academy.
3.Our weekly webinars.
4.Our YouTube channels.
5.Our social media channels
6.Our weekly MM and BST emails.
7.Our public speaking events.
8.Our book: The Premier Way.
9.The PBA books we give away.
10.The lean group chats we are on.
11.And lots more…

Take action now: What more can you do to share the 2 second lean principle with the world?

What more can you do to inspire those around you to learn about and start to implement lean at home and at work?

P.S. At Premier Business Academy we have tonnes of great resources to help you on this journey and support you along the way! Please feel free to email me back or go to:

Cheers to your success!

Bernard and the team at Premier Group NZ!


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