Business Success Thursday Volume 187! A simple way to increase sales that is hardly ever used!

A business colleague told about an amusing experience with his new HP Printer recently.

He put in some new paper and when he tried to push the paper tray back into the printer it wouldn’t go in. It stuck out about two inches.

He spent half an hour trying to make it work. No joy.

He Googled to see if he could find the answer. No luck.

He couldn’t see why it was not working. He thought he would have to take the printer back to the place he bought it from and tell them it is faulty.

The printer was only a couple of months old and he was sure that he could get a replacement.

But before he did that he tried one last thing. He picked up the paper tray and emptied out the paper. He turned the paper tray over and looked at it very carefully.

He discovered that with a slight push in the right place he could make the paper tray fit different types of paper. And he worked out that he had accidentally set it to fit US size paper and not A4 paper. US paper is longer than A4 which is why the paper tray would not go back in.

A simple push to the right setting and in two seconds his paper tray worked perfectly.

This experience from my colleague reminded me that we often miss seeing things that are very obvious.

It’s the same in sales and marketing.

There are tiny tweaks you can make to what you are doing right now that could bring you brand new sales and brand new revenue streams. However you don’t see them.

The way to find these new sales and new revenue streams is to assume that that they are there and that you just haven’t seen them yet. However if you keep looking you will definitely find them.

Action Exercise:

What new sales opportunities and new revenue streams are you not seeing in your business?

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