Business Success Thursday Volume 184! Are you a trusted advisor?

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Think about your family doctor or dentist.

You don’t think of them as a sales person.

You think of them as a trusted expert or trusted advisor.

You trust their advice.

They deal with you in a consultative kind of way and you trust their advice and judgement etc.

And you also spend a lot of money with them!

They are actually sales people too but you may not have seen them in that light before!

Here is the 7 stage sales process we recommend if you wish to become a trusted advisor and take your sales results to a whole new level:

Sales planning research and setting objectives.
Setting the right climate.
Understanding customer needs.
Summary and pre close.
Presenting solutions.
Handling concerns and seeking agreement.
Follow up.
Also please refer to the education based sales module/page. This takes you to the level of “expert” rather than just salesman in your clients eyes.

So, what are you right now?

Just another average rep?

Or are you a trusted advisor?

What light do they view you in?

Start following the steps above to become a trusted advisor!

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Cheers to your success!

Bernard and the team at Premier Group NZ!


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