Business Success Thursday Volume 179! Follow up is King!

Here is another extract from our upcoming book, The Premier Way!…

I hope you enjoy this resource and receive some value for you and your business!

If cashflow is the king of finance then follow up is the undisputed king of sales!

If you only take one thing from this program, then do yourself a massive favour and add follow up to your sales toolkit!

Creating a culture of obsessive follow up is absolutely critical to your success. End of story.

Here are some stats to prove the point:

48% of businesses never follow up.

25% make the 2nd contact and stop.

12% make 3 contacts and stop.

90% of sales are made on the 5th contact or more.

So 10% of the worlds businesses are getting 90% of the sales.

Say no more!

Are you in the 10%?

Or are you rotting away in the 90%?

Today you can move your business into the realm of growth and enduring success simply by implementing a simple follow up system!

Follow up is a LEAD measure. And you can control lead measures!

It’s a numbers game! Work out your conversion %!

Then you can predict your sales! Eg 50 calls = 5 meetings = 2 sales!

Always leave a voicemail! Always add value! Be compelling!

Every follow up call should move your client further down the funnel!

Every no is closer to a yes! Make it fun!

Your quote bank is your goldmine! It is the most neglected asset in 90% of businesses! It loses value by the day by the hour!

Follow up has many many benefits!

Here are some of them:

1. It helps you grow your business!
2. It helps you to create a predictable sales machine!
3. It saves your customers time and hassle. It makes life easy for them!
4. It helps you with forecasting and production planning!
5. It fosters obligation on the part of your customers!
6. It builds rapport and trust with your clients!
7. It helps drive innovation and improvements in your business!
8. It helps you to dominate your industry!
9. It gives you valuable industry insights!
10. It gives you valuable competitor insights!
11. It gives you a valuable feedback and improvement loop to help you improve your products and services faster!
As you can see, the benefits are vast and far reaching!

Creating a culture of obsessive follow up gives you a massive edge over your competitors in so many ways.

At PGNZ we are always improving our sales tools so that we can keep improving the life of the customer and of course this flows through to ever improving sales results!

Here are some of the important tools we use:
Inbound call scripts.

  1. Outbound call scripts.
  2. A list of killer sales questions.
  3. Our CRM system.
  4. Call checklists.
  5. Etc
    All these tools help us to ensure we don’t miss out on any opportunities as every single follow up call is a goldmine.

P.S. At Premier Business Academy we have tonnes of great resources to help you on this journey and support you along the way! Please feel free to email me back or go to:

Cheers to your success!

Bernard and the team at Premier Group NZ!


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