Business Success Thursday Volume 178! Scoreboards & Reports – You cannot manage what you do not measure!

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Where are your scoreboards? Can your entire team see whether they are winning or losing? By the day? By the hour? By the minute? If not, you have set them up to fail.

Imagine you were in a stadium watching your favourite team in the grand final.

The ref blows the whistle and the game is underway! 

Your team scores in the first minute! You look up to watch the scoreboard light up with the first points of the game! 

Woops. No scoreboard!? What is going on!???…

The ref kindly explains that they have decided not to keep score this time but that the 2 teams promise to do their best and that the score doesn’t really matter anyhow….

What the actual?!!!…. 

Immediately all the meaning and purpose is gone from the game. 

The players appear dejected, dispirited, embarrassed and confused…
There is a lot of angry shouting from the crowd and the stadium begins to empty out very quickly….

Sounds totally ridiculous right?

So take a look at your business right now. Where are your scoreboards? 

Can your entire team see whether they are winning or losing? By the day? By the hour? By the minute? If not, you have set them up to fail.

Business is a much more serious game than sport right? If you lose in business, people lose their livelihoods. And if you are an owner you can lose everything.

So if a scoreboard is so important in sport then surely it is 100X more important in business!?

So for a start you can simply use a whiteboard. Put someone in charge of keeping it updated.

Get the team to help you design a simple scoreboard so you get full buy in from them.

You can even just start with the running total of sales orders as they come in during the day.

Then once you have this system running smoothly, start to install live, digital scoreboards around your offices and factory and connect them to your CRM. You can use cheap screens/monitors to start with and just keep improving them over time.

Also be sure to start a daily sales report which is emailed out to all staff at the end of every single day. This should show the customer names, product category and $ values. Once again start simple and improve it over time.

And once this is running well then implement the SPH report. (Sales per hour report). Most CRMs will have a function for this to automate the process. If your CRM doesn’t have this feature then simply ask them to develop it for you!

Then from there get your full team to download your CRM app onto their smartphones so that they can check in on the score at any time! Start with any of your remote staff.

Get obsessed about keeping score and about making sure it can be seen and understood by 100% of your team!

So take action now: Review your department in the light of the principles above. Can the score be easily seen and understood by all of your team at any point in the day? Is it live? Up to the minute? Accurate?

The acid test is this: Could a complete stranger walk into any of our departments and within 3 seconds be able to easily see if that department is winning or losing?

If the answer is no, then brainstorm this with your team at tomorrows morning meeting and start work immediately on implementing the required improvements.

The key is to keep it simple and easily understood by all your team.

Just choose one or two key metrics to measure/ keep score on.

For example in the Drycast factory it could be the number of racks filled per hour from the brick machines.

And in the palletizing/stack out area, it could be the number of racks emptied for hour or the number of pallets stacked per hour etc.

As with all things at PGNZ, the key is just to get started on improving this in your department as quickly as possible.

Production then perfection.

Imperfect action is better than perfect inaction.

P.S. At Premier Business Academy we have tonnes of great resources to help you on this journey and support you along the way! Please feel free to email me back or go to:

Cheers to your success!

Bernard and the team at Premier Group NZ!


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