Business Success Thursday Volume 174! Building a sales success mindset! PART 1

Here is another extract from our upcoming book, The Premier Way!…

I hope you enjoy this resource and receive some value for you and your business!
Creating a winning environment is vital to your success in sales!

In today’s page we look at some proven ways to help you build a sales success mindset!

Here are some great tips to help you build and reinforce your sales success mindset!

This is part one of a four part series: 

  • Every NO is closer to a yes.
  • No simply means, not today.
  • Sales is simply a numbers game.
  • Some will, some wont, who cares!
  • There are 7.9 billion people on this planet! Don’t get hung up on one or 2 who won’t buy! There are nearly 8 Billion more to sell to!
  • People do business with people!
  • Write down your life goals every morning before work! Don’t miss!
  • Keep fit and healthy! A healthy body = a healthy mind which leads to clarity and positive thinking!
  • Keep fit! Just 20 mins per day of intense exercise will help to keep you positive and motivated!
  • Rome wasn’t built in a day! Be patient! But don’t be lazy! Make the calls every day and the results will come!
  • We all have 24 hours per day. Even the world’s richest man! So with this in mind, what’s stopping you?!
  • Often the best clients are the biggest rejectors at the start!
  • If they are loyal to their current supplier they are going to be very loyal once you get them onboard!
  • Understand that sales is a process!
  • Everybody is a potential client or referrer!
  • Keep your funnel full! How full is your funnel?
  • Commit to daily action and daily KPI’s!
  • Customers buy your why! What is your purpose? Your Mission?

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