Business Success Thursday Volume 173! Creating a winning environment!

Here is another extract from our upcoming book, The Premier Way!…

I hope you enjoy this resource and receive some value for you and your business!
Creating a winning environment is vital to your success in sales!

No matter if you are working from home or the office! You must create a zone where you can feel and act like a sales champion!

Some tips to help you:

  1. Paint your walls or at least one feature wall a bright energetic colour! Eg Green which inspires creativity. You must create a vibrant workspace!
  2. Get yourself a stand up desk and use it! Standing up when making your calls gives you energy and passion and drive! Your customer can hear it down the phone!
  3. Put a 2 litre water bottle on your desk and sip regularly!
  4. Eat healthy! You can’t fuel a high performance engine from a packet!!!
  5. Go for a brisk walk in the fresh air every hour!
  6. If your energy levels wane, do some squats and press ups!
  7. Clear your desk! A clear desk = a clear head! You should only have your script and notebook on hand! Zero clutter!
  8. Declutter your office! Zero tolerance for clutter!
  1. Read a page or 2 from a great sales book before you get started! And keep the book handy!
  2. Share your wins with your team mates!
  3. Keep a scoreboard on your wall! Eg a whiteboard where you can record your calls and other KPIs!
  4. Keep a Goals and Gratefuls book and write in it everyday before starting work!
  5. Write down your sales goals in your diary before you start. Or on your notepad. This keeps you focussed!
  6. Put a poster of the sales funnel on your wall and refer to it regularly. Eg where is my customer in the funnel right now? And: what am I going to do on this call to move him further          down?
  7. Put some motivational posters on your pinboard or wall. Don’t clutter it up but make sure you are surrounded by vibrancy and positivity!

At PGNZ we use a lot of these techniques already.

Review the list and look for ways to improve your current environment.

Are you working in a winning environment right now?

If not, be sure make some positive changes starting with the tips on this list.


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