Business Success Thursday Volume 167! Find low hanging fruit and make more sales!

Low hanging fruit is an expression that refers to picking the fruit on a tree that is very easy to reach.

In other words, the fruit is right in front of you as its ‘low hanging.’ In business, the same principle applies.

Before you race off and look for new markets to reach, new products to sell or new marketing strategies to try, take a closer look at your business.

Ask yourself ‘Do I have some very easy sales I can make right now that I am missing out on?’

A lot of the time you’ll be amazed at the sales you can make by looking for low hanging fruit.

One way to do this is to look for easy add-on sales.

A personal fitness trainer had fast yet fun training methods that produced excellent results for all his clients.

Yet all he offered his clients was his personal fitness training services.

A marketing consultant suggested he offer his clients additional products like protein powders, vitamins, minerals and nutritional supplements. This made sense so the personal trainer tried it.

Within three months the majority of his clients were now enjoying even better health and fitness after purchasing the supplements he was now offering.

And the personal trainer was now enjoying an extra $1,000 a week in brand new profits.

Action Exercise:

What additional sales could you make in your business with very little effort?


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