Business Success Thursday Volume 164! What is a high performance culture?

Here is another extract from our upcoming book, The Premier Way!…
I hope you enjoy this resource and receive some value for you and your business!

When people ask me to describe the PGNZ culture in one sentence I reply along the lines of:
It is happy AND high performance.
The other way I explain it is this: It is a fun, lean culture.
Both sentences really mean the same thing. A lean culture is a high performance culture. A happy culture is a fun culture.
Then invariably I get asked: So how do achieve both happy AND high performance?
And my answer is along the lines of:
If you put culture first, the happiness of your team first, you will achieve high performance. Happy people are inspired and motivated to work faster, harder, smarter. They love to grow and learn and make continuous improvements in their workplace and their homes.
The key of course is to only hire people who share our core values. People who live and breathe them not just at work but at home too. (We have discussed recruitment at length in previous pages.)
So what does high performance look like? What does a high performer look like? Let’s take a closer look:

  1. They are a lean all star. They are on the 2sl chat everyday sharing their improvements and cheering their team mates on.
  2. They plan their week on Sunday down to every last detail.
  3. They plan their month at the start of the new month.
  4. They move about with urgency. They act with a sense of urgency in everything they do.
  5. They do not tolerate sloppiness or tardiness.
  6. They write down their life goals and their gratefuls everyday.
  7. They use an app or system like habitshare to ensure they attain their daily habits/KPIs. They are not afraid of being held accountable to their habits by others.
  8. They contribute and ask questions in the meetings they are included in.
  9. Talk is cheap. Implementation is everything. They live this philosophy.
  10. They understand that the customer pays for everything in their lives.
  11. They are humble and grateful.
  12. They have no sense of entitlement.
  13. They are always looking for 1% improvements in every area of their life. Health, fitness, financial, career, relationships, community etc.
  14. They strive for excellence in everything they do. Good enough never is.
  15. They don’t procrastinate. They are action takers.
  16. They leave it better than they found it everywhere they go.
  17. They have a deep respect for both people and resources.
  18. They understand the 3 MU’s and seek to eliminate or minimise them at work and at home.
  19. They are addicted to daily self-improvement and daily process improvement.
  20. They love to encourage and inspire others to become lean thinkers too.
  21. They are resilient, determined and persistent.
  22. They understand the power of relentless follow up.
  23. They are not interested in drama or workplace politics. They have no time for that.
  24. They are always looking to improve flow, value, quality and service.
  25. And more…

This is a fairly extensive list which helps us to understand what excellence looks like.

We now have a deeper understanding of what a high performer looks like and how they behave.

Our mission and our 10 core values encapsulate all of these things very well.

Take a moment to review your team to see how they line up with our values now.

Who do you need to work with to bring them up to the standard?

Who are the shining examples in your team who can help you inspire and motivate others?

And at a personal level, how do you line up with these expectations?

Do you have the courage to review yourself honestly without any fluff, glitter or sugar coating?

The people in our team who make the fastest progress are the ones who have the courage and humility to constantly review their performance and attitude and are constantly improving in all areas of life.


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