Business Success Thursday Volume 163! Reduce your customer’s fear of making a mistake!

If you want to boost your sales ask a question like this:

How can we reduce my customer’s fear of making a mistake when they buy our products or services?

When you come up with answers to this question you often experience huge increases in sales.

The reason is simple…

All of us have had the experience of making a bad purchase somewhere.

The product or service didn’t work, caused problems and other people criticised us for our purchase.

This means we are all a little bit reluctant to spend money on any product or service in case we make a mistake and get criticised again.

The Unique Guarantee:

A pest control service used this ‘fear of making a mistake’ idea well.

They offered a commercial pest control service (insects, rats, fleas etc) for restaurants and hotels.

They added a unique guarantee to their service.

Firstly if the hotel or restaurant lost a booking because of a problem with pests, the pest control company would pay for that lost booking.

If the hotel or restaurant was ever closed down by a health inspector for a pest problem, the pest control company would reimburse them for any lost revenue they might have had.

The guarantee went on to cover 10 other points.

This pest control company is twice as expensive as anyone else in their field. They also have 80 per cent market share in every area they go into.

Best of all they have a simple insurance policy that covers them for any money they might have to payout.

All they have done is dramatically reduce the customer’s fear around paying for their pest control service and it not working.

How can you reduce the risk when customers buy from you?


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