Business Success Thursday Volume 162! There is always a solution if you look for it!

Auckland City has a big challenge with water.

They get a lot of water from a number of dams around the city and have had the driest six months on record. As a result the Auckland City Council recently bought in water restrictions.

So people can’t use water their gardens with a hose, wash their cars and so on.

These water restrictions have affected a number of businesses as well.

I saw a story about an Auckland business that uses water blasting to clean drives and homes saying they would not be able to work because of these restrictions.

That story got me thinking about another business I know that is the largest house washing business in the city.

The home and building wash company

I wondered what they were going to do if they couldn’t use water to clean homes because of the water restrictions.

Well, I shouldn’t have worried about this business.

They are now offering ‘Guilt Free House Washing’.

They have leased their own fleet of water tankers and the use of the tanker bore water and not precious dam water.

They will bring a water tanker to your home when they wash it and they will also put out signs on the side of the road that tell your neighbours that they are using bore water and not precious dam water when cleaning your home.

I love what this business has done.

Sure it cost some money to get water tankers for their business. However, the alternative was to have no business at all.

It reminded me that there is always a solution to your sales and marketing challenges.

You just have to look for them.


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