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Business Success Thursday # 56

The SADP strategy for easy sales at higher prices!

Today’s message is about the SADP Strategy to make easy sales at higher prices.

SADP stands for Sell A Different Package: 

Here’s an example to explain how it works…

An insurance sales trainer in the United States sold a three-day workshop that helped insurance sales people to make more sales. They included a year of support after people attended the three-day workshop.

The workshop sold for $699 and was always sold out. The insurance sales trainer hired a marketing consultant to advise them on how to make more money from this workshop.

The marketing consultant advised the sales trainer to Sell A Different Package. 

The value of the workshop is not the three-day workshop the marketing consultant told the sales trainer. It’s the year of support that people get after they attend the workshop. 

The marketing consultant did three things.

1: He gave the workshop a brand new name with a brand new sales copy.

2: He sold it as a year-long program to increase insurance sales that were kicked off with a three-day live workshop. 

3: He put the price up to $4,699. (A 700% increase in price.)

Guess what happened?

That’s right the program was 100% sold out. 

So the insurance sales trainer now made an extra $4,000 for every sale. (And they made exactly the same number of sales as before.)

Take Action:

How could you Sell A Different Package around what you do? In other words, a package that is priced higher that people are keen to buy?



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