Business Success Thursday # 14

How hard is it to mow a lawn?

A couple of years ago a business colleague was doing some research on lawn mowing franchises.

And he ended up spending a day mowing lawns with the trainer for a large lawn mowing franchise.

Now my colleague  has been mowing his own lawns for over 40 years. 

So he was pretty confident he knew how to mow a lawn.

I mean how hard is it to mow a lawn?

He quickly discovered that his self-taught knowledge about mowing lawns was woefully inadequate.

And that there were simple things he could do to mow lawns faster with less effort and have them look great.

He ended up mowing 16 lawns in around six hours that day and was amazed at how much he had learned from the experience. 

He was now able to halve the time it took to mow his own lawn by applying what he had learned from the trainer.

And best of all the changes he made to get better lawn mowing results were all very simple to do.

His biggest lesson of the day was that there is always a better way to do things.

And an easy way to find this better way is to search for someone who is enjoying great success in the area you want to improve.

Then ask them what they are doing to enjoy such great results. 

This same concept can be used in sales and marketing as well.

If you want to get amazing results from your sales and marketing start by assuming that other people are getting better results than you. 

Then look for people that are getting these better results and ask them what they are doing.

It’s amazing what you learn when you ask successful business people for their best tips.

Action Exercise:

Look for people who are already getting much better results than you.

Ask them for their best tips and advice.

Here is a great story I heard recently!……

Today’s quote: “If Plan A isn’t working, I have Plan B, Plan C, and even Plan D.”- Serena Williams


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