Business Success Friday Volume 181! What Is Business Really?

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At PGNZ we believe that a business really is a platform for like minded people to come together and build something special.

Something that provides a useful service or product or both for the betterment and benefit of the public and ultimately, all of humanity in time.

Without business there would be nothing.

For a start, there would be no taxes. And without taxes we could not have taxpayer funded services such as healthcare, hospitals, parks and reserves.

We would have no police force to protect us. No courtrooms nor judges nor prisons. No fire service, no ambulance service, no nurses, no doctors, no rubbish collection service, no running water, no sewage systems, no electricity, the list goes on.

Without business we would be plunged back into the dark ages before you could say: Where did the businesses go?

Without business there would be no products, no services, no jobs, no innovation, no cars, no technology no homes to live in.

No charities would exist and there would be no such thing as social welfare for those who cannot work nor those who are too lazy to work.

Business and the money economy has enabled society to enjoy the many incredible benefits that we enjoy and take for granted in our lives today.

There is a crazy notion out there amongst some that the chief curse of life is work! Work is not the curse of the race! It is the salvation of the race, morally, physically, socially. Work does more than give us a living, it gets us our life!

And without business we would not have work!

Yes, business can be used by bad people to do bad things. But this is not the norm. this is the exception. Every business owner I have ever met has a genuine desire to help people to do better in life. To improve the lives of their staff and their customers.

Sadly there are still millions of people in the world today suffering from famine, war and strife. This is simply because of very poor management and leadership. There is more resource on this planet than man can ever use. To say that there is an abundance of resources would be the biggest understatement of all time.

With good economic management and unselfish servant leadership, every nation in the world could be famine and poverty free.

Business has so many incredible benefits. Here are some more:

  1. A 9 to 5 community for our people, thus improving self worth and wellbeing.
  2. Boundless opportunities for all humanity to survive and thrive. To grow and learn and improve their circumstances.
  3. Business is responsible for the ongoing improvement of our quality of life.
  4. Business pays for everything in our lives via our customers.
  5. The more we promote business growth, the faster we can improve peoples lives through innovation, career opportunities etc.
  6. It gives our people an opportunity to do meaningful and fulfilling work everyday.
  7. It enables us to donate to worthy causes. Mush more than we could ever contribute as individuals.
  8. It allows people to become the best version of themselves. To realise their full potential.
  9. It provides a positive and supportive environment for people to work, socialise, learn and grow.
  10. It allows us to produce products and services that solve our customers/ the publics problems!
  11. It gives our people purpose, meaning, validation, fun, wellbeing, happiness, self respect.
  12. And the more a business is able to grow and flourish, the more job opportunities there are to go around!

The work “wellbeing” is bandied about in our modern entitled society. It is used and abused in almost every social media post you see.

So, where does wellbeing come from?

It starts with self respect and the ability to earn an income so you can provide for yourself and your family. So you can achieve independence and stand on your own two feet.

The idea that wellbeing can be improved by handouts from a government is beyond ridiculous. It makes no sense. In fact it is a crime against the individual who receives the giving of free money.

It is demeaning and condescending. It is like saying: “Here you go, you are too pathetic to find a paying job. You don’t have the ability, skills, attitude, knowledge or experience required to earn your keep or provide for your family!” What bigger insult could there be?!

True and real wellbeing stems from the ability to get and hold down a job. To earn your keep. To add value to an organisation. To be a productive unit. To contribute positively to society and to your community.

To pay for a roof over your head. To be able to save up for a house. To buy a house. To improve your circumstances under your own steam.

To be able to look back each day and say: I earned my keep today and I can afford to keep improving my life. I played my productive part for my country today. I did my bit for my fellow Kiwis.

Earning your own money also helps you to make wise financial decisions.

There is an enormous difference between spending your own hard earned money/sweat equity and spending money you have been given.

You make better health choices too. It is much easier to throw your money away on a pack of cigarettes if that money has been given to you.

The curse of easy money is real. How many stories and examples do you know of where dole beneficiaries/ bludgers spend their money on smokes, drugs, booze and gambling while their poor children go without nappies and food. Absolutely tragic.

You can argue that there is more to it than that but the facts are, easy money is not earned and therefore it is not appreciated.

One only has to look as far as our own current government to witness the unforgiveable wasted spending of taxpayers money. It is too easy to spend money that is not your own!

In conclusion, business is a force for good and it is in the best interests of every government in every nation to nurture and encourage good business. To allow it to flourish and grow and to remove all barriers to growth and prosperity.

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Cheers to your success!

Bernard and the team at Premier Group NZ!


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