Business Success Friday Volume 135! The more press releases you write and send the better you will get at it!

Today’s quote: “The power of publicity is more important than advertising.” – Barbara Corcoran

Jess Todtfeld  is a former television producer, bestselling author, and runs a media training company helping people all over the world get noticed in a big way.

When Jess wrote a new book he used his media strategies to do 112 radio station interviews in 24 hours and set a Guinness World record in the process.

Jess has a proven system to get his press releases noticed by journalists and other media people. He addresses the person by their first name then writes one to two sentences steering the media person to his press release.

Here’s an example:

Mary,Thought you could use this end-of-year story.

Would the story below work for your show?—Jess 

Jess Todtfeld Success In Media, Inc


This will have an ENTICING HEADLINE along with…

* Point of View * Opinions
* Highlight the best of what you have
* Highlight what they’d likely use
*Add short bio.
*Add links to longer bio/YouTube videos/other
supporting documentation.
*CONTACT INFORMATION including cell phone.
*No attachments. (That‘s like a job applicant sending a resume and salary info when you never even told them you were hiring.)

Jess had some more great tips on making your press releases stand out.

Does it have a headline? Is it as large as a headline?

Would you read the story that it is pointing to?

Look through a few popular newspapers and notice how they get their headlines to be tighter and tighter. See how they weave in emotion. Notice how they can compel you to read the story.

That‘s what you need to learn and practice in your press releases. Include words that are filled with emotion.

‘Finding Love at Work’ or ‘What is in Your Medicine Cabinet Could Kill You!’ or ‘Most People Miss Out On the #1 Tax Tip to Increase Your Income by 25%.’

Take Action:

Write a press release and send it to 2-3 media outlets this week. The more press releases you write and send the better you will get at it.


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