Are you a lean thinker?

Here is another extract from our upcoming book: The Premier way!

So, what on earth is a lean thinker?!

At PGNZ we only hire lean thinkers. At PGNZ we are lean thinkers, not just at work but in our personal lives as well.

We understand that LEAN is life! We all understand that living a LEAN life is to live a purpose driven and fulfilling life. A life of value adding, continuous improvement, waste elimination, joy and fun! And loads of it! 😊

A lean thinker does not suffer from “genius disease”! People with this crippling condition never make it past the first interview at PGNZ! And it is up to all of us to ensure they never ever do! Sadly, genius disease affects most of society. These are people with fixed thinking, who know everything and who are satisfied with “good enough”. Blurk!!🤢

A lean thinker is never satisfied with “good enough”! a lean thinker knows that improvements are endless! A lean thinker understands deeply that perfection is always the goal but can never be attained!

A lean thinker has a deep respect for people and for resources! A lean thinker is always thinking about new ways to add more value and to improve the life of the customer!

A lean thinker never puts up with inefficiencies or bottle necks or roadblocks! She gets on and sorts them out! They always fix what is BUGGING them!!! Fix what BUGs you is a common phrase you will hear around here!

A lean thinker is all about building with green blocks! Green blocks = value adding activities and red blocks = waste!

The goal everyday is to build with more green blocks than red!!

A lean thinker is ALWAYS looking for ways and things to improve in all areas of life! At work, at home, relationships, health, fitness etc etc!

A lean thinker is always happy when they have a problem! Every new problem presents another opportunity to learn and grow and move forward!

A lean thinker is always learning! They are creative, innovative and daring! They deliver wow through service! They do more with less! They are passionate and determined! They are fun and energetic!

At PGNZ we are obsessed about adding value, obsessed about eliminating waste!

So, are YOU living a purpose driven and fulfilling life? Are you really deeply satisfied with your health, your relationships, your career, your lifestyle etc etc?? Ask yourself these uncomfortable questions and face into the brutal reality! This takes courage, humility! It takes guts and determination! Are you in the 1% of lean thinkers? Or the 99% of people who accept average and live a life of mediocrity?!

Take positive action now! Start your own “lean life” journey!

Kind regards,

Bernard and the team at Premier Group NZ!


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